lundi 26 avril 2010


Here's a piece I did with absolutely no idea of what I'd do, just letting things happen. I called it pallas because when I finished it, it reminded me of the Pallas Athena painting by Klimt because of the face orientation and the golden color.
It was a good way to try and pour a bit more of my love for abstract painting into my more illustrative art than I usually do.

Pallas - watercolor + gouache + photoshop tweeks

mardi 6 avril 2010

the MADE symposium

Wanna learn how to draw comics and concept arts with the best ?
The Made Symposium is coming ! An Art and Conceptdesign event in Berlin in cooperation with Marvel Entertainment, the artists from Massive Black and SIXMOREVODKA.Featuring top instructors from across the planet, workshops, seminars, digital art demos, fine art presentations, live painting, illustration, comics, conceptdesign and performance by creative leaders of the videogame, conceptdesign, and comic industries. Stay tuned as we announce more instructors over the next few weeks.A website about the Made Symposium will launch soon with additional information concerning hostels, hotels, f.a.q., curriculum along with the events around the Symposium itself.Please stay tuned for this one time summer event and if you have questions please address them to: