mercredi 19 janvier 2011

Sfumato & Rinato

Mon travail sera présent à la Brussels Antiques & Fine Arts Fair (BRAFA) qui se tient du 21 au 30 Février; et ce grâce à l'incontournable galerie Daniel Maghen qui y exposera deux de mes très récentes pièces. Ce sont les plus grandes peintures que j'ai réalisé jusqu'à présent (format Jésus). la première s'intitule Sfumato et la seconde Rinato (qui a dit Renato dans le fond !).

Sur la photo ci-dessous, j'ai placé un pot de pinceaux devant les images pour que vous ayez une idée de l'échelle.
(ne faites pas attention à la censure, c'est pour Facebook.)

Sfumato (watercolor + gouache. 76x56 cm)

Rinato (watercolor + gouache. 76x56 cm)

Cela m'a clairement donné le goût pour en faire d'autres de cette taille, pourquoi pas une série qui sait...
En tout cas, si vous êtes sur Bruxelles au moment de la BRAFA, ne manquez pas cet évènement car au vu du catalogue, ça va être splendide.

lundi 10 janvier 2011

Punisher: in the blood

Recently I did 3 Marvel covers for the Punisher. I had a blast drawing this character, one of my all times fav' actually. I still own a 17 years old T-shirt with the infamous skull logo ;)
Here's a step-by-step of one of the covers:

first, the pencil sketch:

second, a watercolor "gray":

and finally tweeked and colorized in Photoshop:

the other covers:

mercredi 5 janvier 2011

my 2010 in review

Happy New Year everyone !
2010 was a busy year for me and I finished it in a rush, didn't even find the time to do a greetings card. But now that I have a small moment to breathe a little air before I go back to the drawing table, and also instead of talking about good resolutions that I will never fulfill, I want to have a look in the rearview mirror to see what was accomplished within a year.
Needless to say that it was a tuff one for everyone, I mean politically, and also for the industry. And at the same time, when I look at all that I've done, all the exciting
new people I've met, all the friendships that were consolidated in 2010, I feel satisfied.
The workshops I did as an instructor, in Berlin (MADE) and in Paris (CfSl), were unforgettable. I had the opportunity to meet dozens of amazing artists and devoted students, and I learned so many things at their contact it's hopeless to detail it.
Eventually, I did my first covers for Marvel, DC, and Top Cow, and the 10 years old boy who still lives in me is very proud of it. When I was a kid I just didn't care about Tintin and Asterix; all that counted were the X-Men, Alpha Flight and Batman !
And Conan !! Which leads me to think about the loss of Frazetta. We image makers owe so much to this man. I was very happy to pay him a video recorded tribute in issue 61 of ImagineFX.
2010 was also the year when I decided to seriously get back to my easel after ten years of exclusive love with Photoshop. I can't tell the joy I have to paint traditionally again ! Those paintings were very well received, and it brings me a new palette of opportunities in the fine-art field. I'll tell you more about this shortly ;)
Finally I found myself in good place in three major compendium artbooks. I did the back cover of both Spectrum and Café Salé artbooks. And Exposé gave me 2 Excellence awards and 1 Master award. I think I couldn't finish the year in a better way.

Some great things are already in the making for 2011. I have three book projects that I'd like to make concrete. The rest is still secret but I can tell you it will be really cool ;) !
Lastly I want to say thank you to YOU, who take of your time to read this blog and encourage me with your comments. Thank you to all the friends and clients who made this year special for me. See you in 2011, let's make great art together, let your sideburns talk for you a little more !! \m/