mardi 31 janvier 2012

thank you google

I accidentally removed all the pictures on my blog, thanks to Google's new (un)privacy policy. Almost 7 years of blogging activity erased in one single click... thank you veeeery much Big Brother !
I have a backup of all these pics, but it will be a pain to re-upload all of them by hand, one by one.

mercredi 11 janvier 2012

portrait of Anna Calvi

since I can't show anything yet of my next exhibition, here's a little crap that I did for practice today, trying my hand on David Downton's technique. It's the opposite from my way of watercolor painting, pretty straightforward and sketchy. Had a lot of fun, I may do another one.

dimanche 1 janvier 2012

the last picture of 2011

from the ashes of the last one springs the new one. I wish for us a world that is a better place in 2012.