mercredi 30 septembre 2015

Lucifer Rising 01

Lucifer Rising 01 - watercolor, 60cm x 45cm

Lucifer was the name given by the Roman to planet Venus, before the christian extract this entity to make it what we know today. A Venus is the name given to the small paleolithic figurines found in the magdalenian and gravetian caves in Europe. To me, Lucifer is just another face of Mother Earth.

mardi 8 septembre 2015

Lady Snowblood

cant' find the time to finish that one, so here it is in all its unfinishness (can I say that ?) that I kinda like anyway.
This my vision of Meiko Kaji as Lady Snowblood (Shurayuki Hime), leaving an endless trail of blood behind her path.

Lady Snowblood is at first a manga by stellar author Kasuo Koike, who also created Crying Freeman and Lone Wolf & Cub. This highly commendable flick, released in 1973, is one of the inspirations for Tarantino's Kill Bill (which doesn't outclass its ancestor). Tarantino also didn't hesitate to steal (some will say popularize) the title song "Shura no hana".