lundi 28 juin 2010

MADE workshop report

I'm back from the MADE workshop in Berlin where I've been an instructor alongside with a band of killers from Marvel Entertainment, Massive Black and Sixmorevodka, and a few mercenaries like me. The event was organized by my old pal Marko Djurdjevic who did an absolutely amazing job putting this event together.

25 instructors | 200 attendees | live painting demos, digital & traditional | lectures | art everywhere | portfolio reviews | Comics | concept art | illustrations | fun | vodka ...

I did a live digital demo and gave lectures talking about illustration & graphic design, and another one with my buddy Aleksi concerning our book Merlin. And even though I was an instructor there, I just learned a lot from the other guys too.

Here are some photos that I took myself or shamelessly stole on FB:

talking about Merlin with Aleksi.

the instructors:

illustration & graphic design lecture:

portfolio reviews:

I don't actually remember who I stole the images from (apologies my friends !), so here are all the links that I browsed so far, where you can find tons more images from the event:


on FB:
Nele Klumpe
Fraser Mc Taggart
Jon Mc Coy
Massimo Davoli
Milijana Kevic

sorry if I forgot someone :/