lundi 30 août 2010

Tradi frenzy

[ENG] I didn't touch Photoshop too much these days, prefering the easel and the brushes to the Wacom. Sometimes when you get too many assignments, and specific commissions by clients, it's good to find some spare time to draw something for yourself. Without taking care of what the client or the others will think about it.
On those images I didn't want to think about what I wanted to do too much. I just had an urge to get back to my roots and went to something designey and abstract.

[FR] je n'ai quasiment pas touché Photoshop de la semaine. J'y ai préféré le chevalet et les pinceaux, avec bonheur. Il y a des moments parfois, à force de bosser pour de la commande, on se vide et et il faut trouver un moyen de recharger les batteries. Quoi de mieux que de travailler pour soi, pour retrouver le plaisir de faire ?
Sur les pièces ci-dessous, je suis parti un peu sans filet, avec juste l'envie de retourner à mes basiques, vers plus de design et d'abstraction.

"White Light". watercolor on Arches paper.

"Pallas II". watercolor on Fabriano paper

(ps: tout ça c'est brut de scan, scanné à la cowboy d'ailleurs, mais je ne suis pas en mode posé en ce moment ;) )

mardi 24 août 2010

ImagineFX video workshop

I did a video tutorial in the latest issue 61 of ImagineFX. They asked me to paint a Conan piece, and it was also a nice occasion to pay my tribute to Frank Frazetta for all the inspiration his art gave me all along my journey as an artist.
This is the first video documented painting that I push to the finish. There you can see my technique from the very first rough to the very end.
Maybe I will make a teaser if I have time.

the finished image:

jeudi 19 août 2010

Portfolio updated

I put some of my latest art on my portfolio, and erased some old ones.
Added a few spare sketchbook scans into the sketches section also.