mardi 9 mai 2006

2D Artist Magazine

[FR] Dans le dernier numéro de Mai du magazine 2D Artist vous trouverez une longue interview de 8 pages dans laquelle j'explique entre autres choses pourquoi je sens bon et de quelle manière j'imite James Hetfield les nuits de clair de lune. à ne pas manquer !

[ENG] I have a long interview in the last issue (May) of 2D Artist. There I explain among other things why I do smell good and how it is that I imitate James Hetfield by full moonlight. You definitely don't want to miss it !

3 commentaires:

warin Zoopublishing a dit…

Hi JS!

I' m Warin from Zoopublishing and 3DTotal! We get emails saying 'how amazing of thew cover of May issue is'! We are very honour having such as great artist like yourself featuring in magazine too! Thanks thanks!

Hope to work together again!


goron a dit…

la couv' tue! :)

MADCHEN a dit…

Tout simplement GEANT