jeudi 27 septembre 2007

interview Hard Rock magazine #13

bah, tout est dans le titre quoi... un petit 2 pages sur ma pomme et ma façon d'envisager (entre autres) le graphisme de pochettes de disques, ouala ;)
(sorry english friends, french readers only :p)

3 commentaires:

Mac_Man_Of_Eire a dit…

wasn't it our deep and unreachable dream to have our names in a Hard Rock Magazine when we were young ? wasn't it ? It was not as a designer but more as guitar and drummer hero but well... all you need is a foot in the door I suppose.
Well done buddy. Let us know (and show us most importantly) if any Anthrax, Testament, Megadeth or Slayer is contacting you... (please pretty please...with sugar on top !)

Anonymous a dit…

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