mardi 24 août 2010

ImagineFX video workshop

I did a video tutorial in the latest issue 61 of ImagineFX. They asked me to paint a Conan piece, and it was also a nice occasion to pay my tribute to Frank Frazetta for all the inspiration his art gave me all along my journey as an artist.
This is the first video documented painting that I push to the finish. There you can see my technique from the very first rough to the very end.
Maybe I will make a teaser if I have time.

the finished image:

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Claudia ScarletGothica a dit…

woah, it's amazing! Your style fits perfectly with Frazzetta one, and moreover, it's hard to say that your piece is a digital painting...really, I'm astonished, it's perfect! ^^

Julien alday a dit…
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Julien alday a dit…

C'est beau, c'est énergique, ça a le souffle épique qui sied si bien à Frazetta et Conan alors je dis, bravo !

Et un teaser du workshop, je signe tout de suite ! [si tu trouves le temps, bien sûr !]

Ciao bello !

trishkell a dit…


rodrigoart a dit…

Man I have learnt so much from looking at your work. Thankyou :)

Juanan G. Bocos a dit…

Awesome piece. I just watched the workshop video and you've given me a lot of tips to improve my workflow. Thank you

MiB a dit…

En tant que MEGA FAN de Frazetta, je ne peux qu'applaudir !
C'est dans la veine du grand Frank et totalement du JSR !