lundi 27 septembre 2010

Witchblade 144 cover

The fine people at Top Cow have begun to show the cover I did recently for Witchblade on blogs. So I think it's ok to share it here too. I like this cover very much because Witchblade is a comic I used to read when I was in my 20's. And also because I took the time to paint a first grey version traditionally. Then I switched to PS to add colors and FX. Hopefully I will do it more in the future.

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Claudia ScarletGothica a dit…


Bastien L. a dit…

Acéré ! C'est superbe !

Nekro a dit…

amazing JS!

Mateo a dit…

Yeah, this is very nice piece, although I am not a fan of 'Witchblade' at all but in Your rendition it looks great!

I like Your taste in decoring artowrks, they are always added with a real taste and nice feeling composition.

It would be cool to see Your constructive critic about few of my artworks, I am a selftaught just like You and I am so amazed what have You achieved!

Well I'm feeling that 'am at the edge where I need a words from a guys that know 'how to do it'.

So it would be really great for me the hear from You.

My blog is -

Have a nice day Sir!

Mateo a dit…

Hey, JSR thank You for a visit. :)

When you will have a time again, stop by sometimes at my blog, that would be cool.


MiB a dit…

j'ai aussi lu Witchblade hé bien je trouve que ton illustration est la plus belle couv de la série !!
superbe aussi la version tradi !