mercredi 28 septembre 2011

Massive Black Workshop 19-22 Nov 2011

you're an artist and want to jump next level ? want to get surrounded with talent, infused with creativity, boosted by emulation during 3 days of art madness ? Then the Massive Black workshop in San Francisco, November 19-22, is the event you certainly don't want to miss !
I'll  be there with a batallion of friends coming from the video game industry and fine arts field.
"WorkshopSF is an event designed by artists for artists. For four days, Top Creative Professionals from the worlds of Entertainment, Film, Games, Comics and Fine Art come together to share their techniques and ideas with you. Our event is geared to instruct and inspire students and professionals alike. Whether you’'re new to art, interested in art, or have been in the Art Industry for years, WorkshopSF is intended to facilitate your artistic fancy.

WorkshopSF will include live demonstrations: digital and traditional, figure painting and drawing, lectures on character, creature, environment and technological design, storytelling for comic books, cover and marketing illustration, information on business practices, portfolio reviews and much more.

There will be a recruitment day, so don’t forget to bring your best works!

Come learn from some of the top professionals in their field!

Be prepared to be inspired."

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Jonathan Lankry a dit…

arf c'est un peu loin de Paris ce workshop ! XD
mais c'est vrai que ça a l'air bien sympa !
Une autre année peut-être :)