vendredi 17 février 2012

Black Pilot

I take the opportunity of this new painting I have just finished, to talk about all the secret work I've been doing for 4 months now.
I am currently working on my first real solo exhibition. It will gather something like 50 original artworks, most of them never shown on the internet or anywhere. I'm also working on a catalog that will be taken from this event. I can't wait for it to happen !
In the meantime i'm also putting together an artbook of all the best images I've done during the last ten years of my career as an illustrator and concept artist. This big buddy will see the light of day in September and will be published in french and english by CFSL Ink.
I will talk more about these good news during the next couple of months. But for now, the pic, with a small w.i.p ;)

3 commentaires:

marmotte a dit…

hooo J'espère que je serai sur Paris au moment de l'expo !! :) Très belle peinture en passant ! quelle technique utilisée ?

Morgane Velten a dit…

J'ai bigrement hâte de voir cet art book ! Sachant que j'ai loupé Merlin, je me morfondais de ne pas avoir de bouquin papier de toi...

Living Rope a dit…

Merciiii !

Morgane, tu pourras te rattraper bientôt car Merlin ressort en Juin, en version sans coffret, donc moins cher. élépôbèl lavi ?! ;)