mercredi 13 juin 2012

MERLIN is now available again !

[ENG] There probably won't be no english translation as far as I know. The copies sell extremely quickly and I know a lot of you asked me when it'd be reprinted. This is now, so don't wait ;)

[FR] Voilà, MERLIN est donc à nouveau dispo. Si vous ne l'avez pas, je vous conseille de ne pas hésiter trop longtemps: les copies partent comme des petits pains et il faut attendre un an pour une réimpression !

2 commentaires:

B. Justin Shier a dit…

It is great to see that you are releasing a reprint!

I originally came across your work in Spectrum. Learning that you had also worked on Merlin, I tried to buy a copy back then. but it was out of print.

I thought I was going to miss out on this version as well, but lets me order from the USA. Yay!


-B. Justin (un fan Américain)

Living Rope a dit…

So, you can order it from the US. I wasn't sure it is possible.
Thanks for the info, Justin !