vendredi 21 juin 2013

Orson Welles's Macbeth

finished ! Here's a crappy photo of my painting for the Movie Show exhibition @ Galerie Daniel Maghen / Paris.
After a long hesitation i decided to go for a Macbeth piece. This is the film from 1948, directed and played by Orson Welles, one of my ultimate fav movies of all times.

I don't have time to make a good photo of it, so if you want to see the details and sexy textures, you'll have to come to the vernissage

the painting is watercolor, 73x50cm

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Belinda Morris a dit…

This is awesome. I really enjoy the ease of technique you display with your watercolours - something I hope to emulate in my own work. Please take some more photos (it's a bit tricky to get to your exhibition from Australia)... Keep up the good work :)