lundi 21 août 2006

my own summer

[ENG]Ok, international news this time: There are a few stuff I want to show today.
First I did the cover of InQuest Gamer magazine n°137.
more infos here

Also the online design magazine NewWebPick has chosen me as "Master" for their 5th issue. A 6 pages interview filled with exclusive content ;) WOW ! It's good to be the king !! LOL
get your copy here

And I'm not finished with you petits vilains !! I'm talking to my fellow Concept Artists wannabes now. If you ever needed to buy one Ballistic book it would be D'artist: Concept Art. And I'm not saying this because I have a tiny illo in it. I'm saying this because it consists on Master Classes by 4 major Concept Artists in the film and video-game industry, including two of my big friends and huge inspirations: Andrew Jones and Nicolas "Sparth" Bouvier. If you ever needed tutorials by some of the biggest concept artists in the f**in' world then just get this book. I myself did learn from it and I'm still not finished with it !

Each of the 4 masters has invited a handful of artists they like and I have to say the french connection is very well represented: my buddy Aleksi Briclot, David (Vyle) Levy, Nicolas (Viag) Ferrand, Thierry (BaronTieri) Doizon, Bruno (Hydropix) Gentile...

get your copy here

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