samedi 20 octobre 2012

Cernuno (work in progress)

[ENG] So ! I finally had the time to paint one very last painting for my show. The opening is Tuesday (I hope you guys will all be there !!) , and to celebrate that, let's share a work in progress of this image.

If you guys are interested to see my horned Goddess "in person", alonside all her sisters, it is already possible @ Galerie Daniel Maghen. The Opening will be on Tuesday night (19h) and the exhibition lasts until November 10th.

See you soon then !!

4 commentaires:

Hubert de Lartigue a dit…

On viendra tous!

J U M P A // 4kum4 a dit…

hermoso...que genial trabajo :)

Wladimir Matos Reyes a dit…

Gorgeous work! good luck on your show, I'm sure it'll be awesome!

Francois Vaillancourt a dit…

Difficile d'aller à la galerie quand on est à Montréal, mais on admire de loin!